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Victor Van Dort's Most Unusual Life

Master Van Dort, you are trying my patience!

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It is a world ruled by Mad Science. . .
Not that that ever affected Victor Van Dort. The world he lived in might have been a world where analytical engines computed thousands of equations, airships ruled the skies, and giant beanpole men were a not-so-rare occurrence, but none of that ever seemed to touch the tiny village of Burtonsville. Everything there was exceedingly normal. And, though Victor would never say so out loud, exceedingly dull.
According to plan. . .
The son of the local cannery owner, Victor was expecting to live a quiet, if privileged, life. Shy, unassuming, and not exactly popular due to his family being nouveau riche (and a bit uncouth), he spent his time playing piano, drawing, and studying butterflies in the gardens. His life was measured out for him by his parents -- get a good education, marry a highborn girl of our choosing, take over the cannery, and be just like everyone else. It was something Victor was used to. Something he thought would never change.
This is heavy. . .
That is, until he found the steam train in the woods just outside the town. And got his foot entangled in the rope ladder dangling from the side. Now, far from his very ordinary life, Victor is going to have to adapt to a world where anything can happen.

Welcome to Secundus, Master Van Dort.

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RP journal maintained by [personal profile] crossover_chick. Victor Van Dort himself belongs to Warner Brothers and Tim Burton. The AU steampunk setting, however, is more or less mine.
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