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Well, we've seen Secundus, now let's get a slightly closer look at the people who live there. I was going to do all the character I had listed in the original "Notes" document, but that would take forever, and I have no idea who's actually showing up and who's just getting mentioned. So, here's the mains and secondaries (everybody who has any sort of major role):

Victor Van Dort:
Full Profile Here

Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown:
Original Canon: Back To The Future
Age: 65
Birthday: October 22nd
Status: Touched (specialties: mechanics, temporal physics)
Brief History: Born to Elias and Sarah Brown (nee Von Braun) in a small town on the East Coast, Emmett was from the start an exceptionally gifted child. He first got interested in science at the age of 11, after reading the works of Kepler and Swift. At age 14, he started classes at Harvard, where he regularly showed off his early inventions to classmates. Unfortunately, these inventions tended to malfunction, leading to Emmett being regularly mocked. At age 17, one of these incidents led to Emmett going a bit Creative, taking over an unused laboratory to build a fantastic machine. Unfortunately, said machine blew up in his face and rendered him unconscious for two days. Things didn’t get better when he woke up – Elias, a severe technophobe, was enraged to discover his son was a Touched and disowned him at gunpoint. Emmett sought refugee with a friend to finish off his last year at Harvard, then started moving around the East Coast doing odd jobs to make money. He received his doctorate in Unusual Physics from a Transylvania Polygnostic University mail-order course during these years. He eventually worked his way west, learning the blacksmithing trade and settling down as the local blacksmith in Hill Valley. After some years there, he met his best friend and loyal Igor Marty McFly. The two of them moved to Secundus after a rather embarrassing incident involving a Presto-Log and the mayor’s hat.
Relationship to Victor: Employer, friend

Martin "Marty" McFly:
Original Canon: Back To The Future
Age: 17
Birthday: June 9th
Status: Regular/Igor
Brief History: Marty was born to George and Lorraine McFly in the small western town of Hill Valley, their third child after older brother Dave and older sister Linda. His upbringing was fairly standard for the time – his family worked on a farm like most in the area, although his father also wrote science fiction stories for local papers and magazines. Marty himself took an early interest in music, and began experimenting with new styles, determined to become a famous musician when he grew up. At the age of 14, he met Doc when his horse threw a shoe and, in seeking the help of the local blacksmith, he got sucked into helping Doc with one of his early mind-reading experiments. Marty soon showed aptitude as an Igor, and the two quickly became best friends. Marty met his girlfriend Jennifer Parker at the market shortly afterward, and began a years-long courtship with her. He and Doc moved to Secundus after an embarrassing incident with a Presto-Log and the mayor’s hat, though Marty intends to move back to Hill Valley one day to marry Jennifer. (Whether he and his new bride stay in Hill Valley is up for debate.)
Relationship to Victor: Coworker, friend

Alice Liddell:
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice (with just a bit of Alice: Madness Returns added)
Age: 19
Birthday: May 4th
Status: Regular (suffered from normal madness some time ago)
Brief History: Alice was born to Henry and Lorina Liddell, their only living child. Alice grew up happy and healthy, living near the wonderous city of Secundus. She made great friends with the local hatter, Mr. Richard Dodgson, the owner of Wonderland Park, Mr. Lewis Carroll, and all the various Fabricated and Automaton creatures that populated the park. Sadly, Alice’s happy childhood would be cut tragically short when a house fire led to the death of her beloved parents. Wracked with guilt over her survival, Alice sank into a deep catatonia and was committed to Rutledge Asylum. There she remained for eight years, battling monsters in a ruined mental Wonderland. Finally, she defeated the Jabberwock of her own guilt and awoke back into the real world. Once she was deemed fit for release, she moved in with her aunt and uncle and reestablished her old friendships. She continues to visit a psychiatrist to keep her mental problems at bay, and has enlisted Richard’s help in making all her dream weapons so she can keep the streets of Secundus safe for others.
Relationship to Victor: Friend, potential girlfriend

The Queen of Hearts:
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice
Age: A few months
Birthday: Sometime in February
Status: Fabricated
Brief History: Created by Lewis Carroll as a potential mate, the Queen of Hearts rejected her role in favor of trying to take over the city of Secundus. Despite her name, she is evil and corrupt, taking an especial delight in decapitating people. Due to a corruption in her creation, she is part-human, part-tentacle creature.
Relationship to Victor: Antagonist

Richard "Hatter" Tarrant Dodgson:
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice (non-evil version)
Status: Touched (specialties: Automatons, hat-making)
Notes: The local hatter, Richard started out a normal (if very big-nosed) human, but turned himself into a primarily-clockwork being as he became ill from working with mercury. Despite his unusual looks, Richard is as friendly as can be and will make anyone a hat. He falls in love with Emily Cartwell after meeting her through Victor.
Relationship to Victor: Friend

Sir Christopher "The White Knight" Lloyd:
Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (Hallmark version with Chris Lloyd as Knight)
Status: Touched (no specialty)
Notes: Her Majesty's White Knight and the most respected Touched in all of England, Sir Christopher always has an idea cooking under his horse-shaped helmet. Kind and gentlemanly (though an awful horseman), he's a dear friend of Dr. Emmett Brown's. He finds himself in love with Victoria Everglot soon after meeting her.
Relationship to Victor: Friend

Victoria Everglot:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: A pretty young lady who doesn't look like either of her parents, Victoria is shy and soft-spoken, but sweet and polite. Coming to Secundus reveals she has the same hidden Igor side as Victor, as well as a secret spine of steel. She falls hard for the gallant Sir Christopher.
Relationship to Victor: Arranged potential fiancee

Emily "The Corpse Bride" Cartwell:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Reanimated
Notes: A bride killed by the man whom she hoped to elope with, Emily was dug up and reanimated as a blued, partially-rotting corpse by Dr. Finklestein. Still wearing her wedding dress, Emily watches visitors to Finklestein's castle in hopes of finding her true love. After befriending Victor, she finds herself in love with his friend Richard Dodgson.
Relationship to Victor: Friend, hopeful love interest

The March Hare, "March":
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice (fully biological version)
Status: Fabricated
Notes: One of Lewis's earliest creations, March is a hare with fully human intelligence and incredible skill at cooking. He, Richard, and the Dormouse are best friends and often host tea parties together in Richard's laboratory basement.
Relationship to Victor: Friend

The Cheshire Cat, "Cheshire":
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice
Status: Fabricated
Notes: Another early creation of Lewis's, the Cheshire Cat is a blue, practically skeletal cat with odd markings and a permanent grin. Smart and sarcastic, he enjoys talking in riddles, and can turn invisible and teleport at will to confuse visitors to Wonderland Park.
Relationship to Victor: Friend

Lewis Carroll:
Original Canon: Alice In Wonderland (semi-original character)
Status: Touched (no specialty)
Notes: A brilliant Touched with a talent for twisting time and making things shrink or grow, Lewis founded the incredible Wonderland Park for his various Inventions to live in. A sweet and gentle man, Lewis adores his friends, particularly Alice Liddell, and does whatever he can to make them smile.
Relationship to Victor: Friend, extremely brief one-sided rivalry

Lord Barkis Bittern:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: The son of a count, the smarmy Lord Barkis lost what little inheritance he had early in his life and has taken to robbing and murdering young ladies for their fortunes to get by. He comes to Secundus with an eye to meeting the Everglots.
Relationship to Victor: Minor antagonist

Nell Van Dort:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: A bossy fat woman, Nell cares for little more than being rich and being part of the upper class. She hates Secundus and thinks that Victor's had his brains addled because he wants to stay there.
Relationship to Victor: Mother

William Van Dort:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: A thin, amiable man, William is the owner of a successful fish cannery that's made his family very rich. Like his wife Nell, he wants to be seen as a distinguished member of society, and can't understand Victor's love of Secundus and its people.
Relationship to Victor: Father

Maudeline Everglot:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: A very tall, thin, and arrogant woman, Lady Everglot considers herself innately superior to practically everyone she meets. Unfortunately, the Everglots have fallen on very hard times money-wise, and are desperate to find a rich suitor for their daughter.
Relationship to Victor: Potential mother-in-law

Finis Everglot:
Original Canon: Corpse Bride
Status: Regular
Notes: A very short, fat, and arrogant man, Lord Everglot cares for little outside guns and money. The Everglot family is currently lacking in the latter, so his focus right now is finding a rich (but most assuredly normal) husband for his daughter.
Relationship to Victor: Potential father-in-law

The Dormouse, "Dormy":
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice
Status: Fabricated
Notes: A large dormouse given human intelligence by Lewis, but unfortunately not the ability to stay awake during the day. Dormy is a dear friend of March and Richard's and often spends his time snoozing at their tea table.
Relationship to Victor: Friend (minor character)

The White Rabbit, "Rabbit":
Original Canon: American McGee's Alice
Status: Fabricated
Notes: A white rabbit who acts as a messenger for his creator Lewis and the other creatures of Wonderland Park. An extremely fast runner, Rabbit is nonetheless obsessed with time and being late.
Relationship to Victor: Friend (minor character)

And here's a list of the fandoms in the background and the characters that will at least get a mention, if not an actual physical appearance:
Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne, Gil Wulfenbach, Klaus Wulfenbach, Zeetha, Krosp I, Airman Higgs

Narbonic (Victorian Sunday Cast): Helen Narbon, Dave Davenport, Mell Kelly, Artie (because you can't leave out him and everybody else has a Victorian counterpart), Lupin Madblood, Caliban

How To Train Your Dragon: Hiccup Haddock, Astrid Hofferson, Fishlegs, Ruffnut & Tuffnut, Snotlout, Toothless, Yellowspike (Astrid's Deadly Nadder)

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: Flint Lockwood, Sam Sparks, Manny, Steve

Ghostbusters: Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddmore, Louis Tully, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett

Wallace & Gromit: Wallace (Park), Gromit

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Billy "Dr. Horrible" (Whedon), Penny (Copper)

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Dr. Finklestein, Sally, Jack Skellington, Zero

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, Sunny Baudelaire, Ink (the Incredibly Deadly Viper)

Discworld: Rincewind, Twoflower, the Luggage, the Bursar (I'm hoping :))

UPDATE: I've made a group journal for most of the mains and secondaries: [personal profile] secundus_cast If you'd like more in-depth biographies of some of the characters here, go check it out.

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