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Since we've moved over to Dreamwidth, I've decided to make a new RP Listing Post. Here is the previous post, which covers pretty much all of his RPing on LiveJournal. This one will cover all RP done now that we're on a new site. Since I've got him in meme communities for now, he'll be played from a variety of times (and mental states, thought it seems I'm favoring Touched!Victor).

The Animal Companions Meme (V.2) -- People are taking their pets out (or possibly becoming pets themselves)! Anyone want to know a certain riding butterfly and his owner?

snowball fight! -- It's time for a snowball fight! Or, if you live in Secundus, like Victor, an ice cream ball fight. Will our opponents resist the urge to eat their ammo?

The Support Group Meme -- Various characters are joining up into various support groups to grouse about the strangeness in their lives. Victor goes meta to see if there's any other "oh my God so many canons" alternates like him around. An Alice ([personal profile] queensbane) is rather more interested in why he's claiming she's the woman he loves.

The Steampunk Meme -- Talk about a meme that's tailor-made for Victor! Steam & science are king, and a newly-Touched Victor is eager to get on the action.

The Club Meme -- Clubs for various interests are popping up everywhere! Do you really think Victor could turn down the meeting for Insect Enthusiasts? Perhaps he and Shilo Wallace ([personal profile] shilowallace) can bond.

The Time Travel Meme -- It's time travel time! Victor's open to some shenanigans, given that his best friends are from a time-traveling series.

A Spring Meme -- It's springtime, which means it's time to do spring-like things! Like a little light camping right outside your house. Or tower -- can Victor convince Rapunzel ([personal profile] daydreaming) to come out and take a few baby steps toward freedom?

The IC Anon Unwritten Letters / Secret Messages Meme (on [community profile] memeboxy through [community profile] bakerstreet) -- Anonymous questions, messages, and general conversation is the name of the game here. Victor's ready for whatever you might ask of him!

the MINOR INJURY meme -- Minor injuries? Victor's far, far too used to those. Running into things, tripping over nothing, knocking himself silly on a slippery patch of ice. . . At least he can take comfort in knowing Jack Frost ([personal profile] chaosbound) is most likely the one actually responsible for this bit of clumsiness. Hopefully the winter spirit will lend him a helping hand.

It's time for a SUMMER BARBECUE PARTY -- Victor's not usually one for parties, but he does like a good bit of barbecue -- and he's spotted a very interesting fellow guest! What are you exactly, Catbug ([personal profile] throwablanketoverit)?

Write, write, write.: The Prompt Meme -- This is an interesting one -- anonymous prompts can inspire all sorts of things. One anonymous speaker tells Victor "You shouldn't be able to do that. . ." and Victor readily agrees. Never mind that he DID create a riding butterfly.

The Boasting Platform -- Go ahead! Brag about your accomplishments! Who cares you judges you? Victor doesn't -- or, well, he thinks he could use the practice anyway. And hey, making a riding butterfly IS pretty neat. Kurt Waggoner ([personal profile] spideyfanone) agrees, and the two start trading stories of weirdness.

November in this house of leaves: The Haunted Meme -- Hauntings are afoot! And Victor may be right in the middle of them. And indeed he is, with Kurt Waggoner ([personal profile] spideyfanone) having traveled to his dimension via his unexplained and unknowable ghostly powers.

And It's Way Nicer This Year Too -- Birthday times have come to the Inkwell, and Victor is ready to give out some presents! And he's got two Alices to give gifts to -- the Alice having the party ([personal profile] save_us_alice) gets color-changing colored pencils for drawing, and the Alice of Secundus ([personal profile] secundus_cast) gets the A:MR DLC Checkmate dress for her battles.

Happy Birthday Victor! (Yes, Just Victor) -- Birthday time again! And while it's technically Victor's birthday, he and his fellow Inkwellians have given the day over to his "brother" Forgotten Vows ([personal profile] forgotten_vows). Butterfly Boy's gift to him? A training dummy made to look a bit like Bumby. And for good measure, Secundus Alice gets him a special set of deadly playing cards.

Happy Halloween! (^o^) -- Halloween has come again, and with it the usual party at the Inkwell! Victor's dressed up as a steampunk Iron Man, with his Secundus friends as the Hulk (Doc), Captain America (Marty), and Black Widow (Alice). The arrival of his friends and mun sparks a conversation ranging from Victorian Halloween games to how both this Victor and his alternate Forgotten Vows ([personal profile] forgotten_vows) were introduced at Halloween parties.

Quad-Birthday (Is It A Wonder The Mun's Out Of Present Ideas?) -- The summer birthday madness has struck, and although four people are celebrating their birthday, again the focus seems to be on Forgotten Vows (this is what happens when the older muses already own everything the mun could think of to give). But Butterfly Boy still has a day in the sun by giving his counterpart a nice apple tree. (And he's getting a VERY nice pocket watch on tumblr, so that makes up for it a bit.)

Just Don't Call Him An April Fool -- Simon's birthday is mostly about him getting video games from Lucy ([personal profile] misslucysleeches), but there's a bit of novel-length discussion with AL ([personal profile] alienlisa) about the tendency of muns to create backstory out of order, AL's relationship with Data, and her amazing list of love interests. Forgotten Vows ([personal profile] forgotten_vows) joins in on the chatter, though Butterfly Boy takes over pretty quickly (despite never using his own journal because of all the participants involved).

All Hail Our May Queen -- Alice's birthday has come back around, and while Butterfly Boy has left the present-giving to his counterpart DGVictor ([personal profile] deadgirlslikeme), he is named as the inspiration for the present -- and revealed as doing an even more thorough version for his Alice on tumblr (if you're wondering, it's a compendium of Wonderland insects -- DGVictor's is all pictures, his has funny descriptions too).

Prepare Yourself. . . -- Hey, the quadruple birthday is back! And Butterfly Boy is actually in receipt of a present this time! His friend Doc of Secundus ([personal profile] secundus_cast) has kindly procured him some glasswing butterfly caterpillars. Butterfly Boy's naturally thrilled.

Φ About A Plot On Tumblr (REALLY AU, Steampunk Multiverse Victor) -- Victor's first post on the DW Dear Mun is him complaining about what's happening in his tumblr-verse. You see, he's finally gone Creative -- and his mun decided it would be a good idea for him to stab himself in the arm with his quill at one point. Ouch.

Φ (canon: sleepy hollow) -- Ichabod Crane ([personal profile] constables) is complaining about how his mun shouldn't be allowed to play him (though not in those words, exactly). Victor would commiserate, but. . .those are some very shiny goggles you have on, sir.

Φ >.> -- Lal ([personal profile] theoffspring), an android from "Star Trek," is quite curious about a lot of things -- what it means to be alive, why some of her fellow castmates have trouble talking to girls while others don't, things like that. Victor gets caught up in trying to define what it means to be "alive" when your canon is full of mad science and resurrection.

Φ On getting his voice back just after I dropped him -- Marty McFly ([profile] 88milesperhour) is getting pretty pissed off at being trapped in his mun's headspace -- particularly because said mun just dropped him from a game, only to get his voice back right afterward. His comment about everyone in the future being kidnappers inspires Victor to jump in, talking about how his own kidnapping experience has been quite positive.

Φ Shaky Voice Test -- Emmett Brown, age 17 -- Young Emmett Brown ([personal profile] scientificlaw) is unimpressed (and slightly frightened) by his mun turning him into a muse. Victor attempts to allay the fears of this younger version of his friend -- after all, not all muns can be bad, right? Right?
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