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1. He has a terrible sweet tooth -- he loves practically anything chocolate, with a particular fondness for chocolate ice cream.

2. His favorite "healthy" food is apples.

3. He weighs about 125 pounds, which makes him underweight for his height (six feet three inches). However, this is less because he doesn't eat and more because he has a very fast metabolism -- Victor has surprised many people who didn't know him at dinner parties by chowing down on more food than it looks like his stomach can hold. On a related note, this hyperfast metabolism gets him in trouble if he has too much caffeine. A few cups of tea is generally okay, but if he drank enough coffee or soda -- well, he'd get more than a little hyper.

4. He was born ten years after William and Nell got married. He's actually their second child -- four years before his birth, William and Nell had a girl, Anna Marie Van Dort. During the birth, however, the umbilical cord got tangled around Anna's neck, and she died very shortly after being born. Victor has no idea he had an older sister, as neither parent likes to speak of her.

5. On his first trip to London with his parents, Victor happened to catch a little of a local Touched's demonstration of his singing Tesla coils. Nell pulled him away before he could see more than a minute, but it planted the first germ of the idea that maybe Touched weren't monsters.

6. He has incredible climbing skills, honed after years of running away from bullies up the nearest tall object. As long as he can find some handholds (and his fingers are very sensitive to such things), he can climb most any tree or wall.

7. Victor was introduced to penny dreadfuls in early teenagerhood by Mayhew's nephew. He absolutely loves the trashy stories, and has a surprising fondness for the horror tales (such as "Varney the Vampire").

8. Although he'd resigned himself to taking over the cannery before his accidental abduction to Secundus, Victor's ideal career would actually be lepidopterist - that is, he'd like to study butterflies and moths for a living.

9. Victor is on the tallish side at six-foot-three, but he's actually only average height for a Van Dort. His great-grandfather was seven feet tall, and practically every other Van Dort is at least six feet.

10. He's a latent Touched.

Yes, Victor has the genes that cause Atypical Scientific Neural Disorder. And if exposed to enough of the right stress, he'll go a bit Creative. In the actual NaNo story, he goes mad during the climax in response to being kidnapped by a horrific monster. In RP -- well, it depends on what, ultimately, I do with him. In [livejournal.com profile] charloft, seeing Touched!Victor will probably depend on the prompt. If he ever gets into a game (or even just [livejournal.com profile] dear_multiverse or the like), him going Creative will probably be some sort of plot. For now, though, he's probably going to be mostly normal.

And since I'm sure you're wondering -- Severely Touched, specialty is Mad Entomology.
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